Eastern Chemical Company-Baku Ltd.

Country: Azerbaijan
City: Baku
Address: 4th floor, 11 Topchubashov Street, Baku AZ 1022, Azerbaijan
Phone: (+99 412) 595-00-57
Fax: (+99 412) 595-00-58
Email: info@vxk.az

Eastern Chemical Company-Baku Ltd., which has been operating since 2010, is considered to be one of the largest traders of chemical products in Azerbaijan. The Company specializes in sale of products of chemical plants. 
The Company supplies all sorts of caustic soda, synthetic and inhibited hydrochloric acid, Soda ASH of brand A and brand B, Sulfuric and Nitric acid, Formaldehyde, Ammonia liquor and other chemical products to Azerbaijan. ECC Ltd is developing dynamically, regularly increasing the range of its products and expanding the markets.

Located in: Chemical Industry