Country: Azerbaijan
City: Baku
Address: 39, Agha Nematulla str., Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: (+99412) 521-10-09
Fax: (+99412) 521-10-10

Azneft PU deals with exploration, prospecting, development, as well as oil and gas onshore and offshore field-facilities construction, current and overhaul repair of wells. 9 oil and gas production departments and 2 integrated subdivisions function within the Azneft PU. Today, Azneft PU includes 20 enterprises.
In order to increase oil extraction and the number of active wells fund Azneft PU performs the following operations: increase the number of wells commissioned after drilling; increase the number of wells transferred from passive fund of wells into active; implementation of overhaul and current repair of wells qualitatively; realization of scheduled technical and geological measures plan; application of modern methods aimed at growth of oil-bed extraction; intensification of oil extraction; application of new methods and technologies in production, etc.

Located in: Oil & Gas